UPDATE 27/07/15

Added Gamepad support. Optimisation for web. Some minor gameplay tweaks.

You are strongly advised to play in Chrome, as I have achieved far better performance in Chrome than FF.


Maoist purges. Not even the cats are safe

As a pet of the bourgeouis, you have been sent to a warehouse to be exterminated, along with your cat friends.

There is no choice here. You must find your friends and escape.


A brief, cute, metroidvania game, in which you are a cat freeing other cats from the warehouse they've been locked in by some jerk.

Eat cat food to gain new powers!

Save the animals!

Collect yarn for completionism purposes!

Sequence break!

Press M to turn off the music!


Inspired by something John Green said about Mao, which I have yet to verify anywhere else, so it might be somewhat fabricated. Also the game Escape from Puppy Death Factory, though that's more of a puzzle game than metroidvania.